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AJEEVI Technologies, founded in 2016, is brain child of Mr. Vishal Gupta, smart city author and enterprise architect with 20+ yrs. of rich corporate experience. In city-wide project implementations, it was experienced that multiple vendors are generally engaged to provide one single comprehensive solution for citizens. These include vendors for hardware, IOT devices, software components, mobile applications and ICCC. Engagement of multiple vendors brings challenges in terms of integration of all these components to provide desired output. To overcome this challenge and to provide best citizen-centric solutions, Ajeevi Technologies was founded. With its in-house research and development capabilities, Ajeevi started designing and manufacturing its own computing devices integrated with sensors, software solutions and mobile applications. The set of services provided by Ajeevi includes manufacturing, supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of IOT based and other smart solutions.

With its core mantra of “Building Sustainable Future”, Ajeevi technologies is primarily engaged in enabling cities to be sustainable by deploying IOT devices and ICT based solutions.

Smart Waste

Door to Door Collection , Bin level Sensor, QR Code, RFID Tag, Vehicle Mounted Reader, Citizen Grievience

Smart Transport


Smart Parking

Parking Guidance System, Magnetic Sensor, Camera, Billing Application

Smart Water

Chlorine Sensor, TDS Sensor, PH Sensor, Flow meter, AMR Meters, Scada


Ajeevi Offer “Enterprise IoT Solutions” with in-house R&D, Capability of manufacturing IOT devices.

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