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In recent years, the issue of solid waste management has become increasingly important due to the rapidly growing population and urbanization. Improper management of solid waste not only leads to environmental pollution but also poses a severe threat to human health.

However, with the advancement of technology, Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions have emerged as a potential solution to address the solid waste management problem. These solutions use sensors and other IoT devices to monitor and manage waste collection, transportation, and disposal.

Smart Waste Management using IOT: A revolutionary approach to waste disposal

IoT-based smart waste management system is a system that uses various sensors and smart devices to monitor waste levels, optimize waste collection and disposal , and reduce the impact of waste on the environment . The system uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which involves the use of interconnected devices to collect and share data.

Ajeevi Swachh Smart Waste Management solution is an IOT based waste management solution that tracks and monitors the waste management process right from households to the transfer stations / dump-yards and provides real time statistics related to waste collection and management related processes. The solution is an all-inclusive, well-proven waste management solution that caters to all stakeholders in a Waste Management process of a ULB / Municipal Corporation / Smart City. AjeeviSwachh Smart Waste Management solution provides an all-encompassing mechanism for authorities to monitor the waste collection and field staff related activities on real time basis on one side, while providing other stakeholders the much-needed interface to connect and participate in entire process for increased efficiency.

AjeeviSwachh SWM solution can be used with QR code based / RFID based technologies in the field. The solution can be used in ULBs to streamline the overall process of solid and liquid waste management including secondary collection of solid waste at garbage depots, waste transportation by waste collection and cesspool vehicles to the landfill/septage treatment plant site, attendance of the field staff, billing and collection, etc.

Being in-house developed devices, Ajeevi can customize the solution at firmware level of devices, along with software application and mobile apps to fulfill the requirements.

AJEEVI Contribution

Ajeevi Technologies provides innovative and customized solutions in the areas of smart waste , internet of things (IOT) , and sustainable development which include:

Software & Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Waste Collection

Vehicle Tracking

Safety & Security


Weighbridge Integration

Door to door Collection  System

Survey Mobile Application

RFID Tags / QR Codes


Bio Metrics

GPS Device

Fleet Tracking

Windshield tags

Vehicle  Tracking System

Mobile Apps for Driver

RFID UHF Reader/ QR Code Reader

Handheld Readers / UHF Reader

Face Recognition

Digital Billboard


UHF Reader

Citizen Grievance Management System

Mobile App for Citizens

Bin Level Sensor

GPS Device


Fuel Sensor

Boom Barrier

Attendance Management System

Mobile App for Supervisor


Boom Barrier


Vehicle Mounted Reader/ Pole Mounted Reader

Asset Management System

Mobile App for Swacch Worker


Weighbridge Entry / Exit Reader

Weighbridge Integration System

Mobile App for Attendance & Asset Monitoring


By leveraging the power of IoT, cities and municipalities can efficiently manage their waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment and public health.IoT – based solid waste management solutions provide several benefits over traditional waste management methods. These solutions leverage the power of sensors and other IoT devices to collect real-time data on waste levels, pick-up schedules, and bin locations. With this information, municipalities can optimize their waste collection routes, reduce the number of collection trips, and minimize the carbon footprint associated with waste management.


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