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UHF Reader

  • Category: IoT Devices
  • Product Model: AJV-IOT-UHFR-001
  • Manufacturer: Ajeevi Technologies Private Limited
  • Origin: Make In India/ Made In India
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UHF Reader

The UHF Reader is a card featured with long range UHF and proximity or smartcard technology. It ensures the use of one single card for both vehicle and building access applications.

Features :
  • Ruggedized UHF TAG
  • Easy to Place
  • Unique Device Number
  • Readers are placed on vehicles, any asset
  • Can be mounted with screws or can be pasted
  • Asset/Employee swaps the tag the data with time stamp is sent to Cloud
  • Tamper Proof
  • The data is decrypted and displayed in analytics software tools using this analytics software


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