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Smart & Safe City

Smart & Safe City By Ajeevi Technologies Private Limted

Big cities generate increasingly complex issues in the fields of traffic and data management. Simultaneously, these data offer unique opportunities to improve sustainability and make the city smarter. With its Smart & Safe City solutions, Ajeevi Technologies intends to bring urban authorities the technological means to such ends.

Smart & Safe City

Today modern cities have to simultaneously manage a growing amount of infrastructures and city resources, coordinate with numerous departments, manage a growing amount of disparate technologies, deal with various types of incidents within the city, and at the same time provide a high level of service to the city residents, while dealing with instabilities such as crime, terrorism, cyber attacks, unexpected weather events and system failures


⚬ City Wise – a new comprehensive Smart City solution that enables cost-effective city management and provides advanced analytics to identify and manage city resources, to operate your city in the new age.
⚬ Reduce costs and save on utility consumption
⚬ One tool that can receive and send commands to all the city systems
⚬ Supports multiple type of sensors and protocols
⚬ Provides you 35 modules to manage your city’s operations
⚬ Engage with your city’s residents through a dedicated mobile app

You can view our list of safety resources below. After you have found the resource you are looking for, you can contact us to find out more about how operators can assist you in the deployment of IoT safety solutions.