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Handheld RFID Reader

  • Category: IoT Devices
  • Product Model: AJV-SWM-IOT-HHRFID-001
  • Manufacturer: Ajeevi Technologies Private Limited
  • Origin: Make In India/ Made In India
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Handheld RFID Reader

An RFID reader is the brain of the RFID system and is necessary for any system to function.

Features :
  • Tag ID with geo location can be sent to server on Realtime basis.
  • This device is powered by Li-polymer 3000 MAh battery with 3.7 v, easily charged by any mobile charger.
  • AJEEVI designed LoRa based RFID device that provides data transfer function by LoRa network. It provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication.
  • This device will automatically push encrypted data into a secure server.
  • LED indicator :- GPS, RFID GSM & Power
  • IP65 enclosure to sustain in harsh environment
  • Micro SIM and MicroSD card Support


ID Tech solutions offers UHF RFID Handheld Reader at good price.