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RFID Reader

  • Category: IoT Devices
  • Product Model: AJV-SWM-IOT-RFIDR-001
  • Manufacturer: Ajeevi Technologies Private Limited
  • Origin: Make In India/ Made In India
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About RFID Reader

An RFID reader is the brain of the RFID system and is necessary for any system to function.

Features :
  • Tag ID with geo location can be sent to server on Realtime basis.
  • This device is powered by Li-polymer 3000 MAh battery with 3.7 v, easily charged by any mobile charger.
  • AJEEVI designed LoRa based RFID device that provides data transfer function by LoRa network.It provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication.
  • This device will automatically push encrypted data into a secure server.
  • LED indicator :- GPS, RFID GSM & Power
  • IP65 enclosure to sustain in harsh environment
  • Micro SIM and MicroSD card Support


This RFID card reader can read RFID card serial number and output to your computer according to the specified format, then management software derives many more functions.