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Vehicle Camera

  • Category: IoT Devices
  • Product Model: AJV-IOT-VCM-001
  • Manufacturer: Ajeevi Technologies Private Limited
  • Origin: Make In India/ Made In India
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Vehicle Camera

SC200AI Vision Cam is the top-rated integrated Video Telematics Fleet Management Solution. Utilising the advanced functions within the SC200AI, you can capture what matters, coach your drivers, mitigate risk, defend against fraudulent insurance claims and protect your company's reputation.

Features :
  • DualCamera, Full HD Car Driving Recorder
  • In built GPS, Microphone and Speaker
  • 128GB High Endurance SD card INCLUDED
  • Live tracking of your vehicle, with Driver Behaviour analysis
  • Live video streaming from both cameras to anywhere in the world
  • 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and advanced sensors
  • Parking Guard protection for your unattended parked car


It comes with inbuilt GPS tracker, that helps you to track realtime location of the vehicle• It is a connected camera powered by 4G/LTE