AJEEVI-Smart Parking On-Street/Off the Street

Cloud based ERP + Mobile App + IOT + VMS + Sensors + GPS/GSM

All the cities in India face severe parking problems. Though parking has negligible effect on quality of transport but there is damage to the life of engine due to parking. Due to anonymous increase of traffic in India, parking has become the new problem along with pollution and poor quality roads. There are two types of parking’s, they are off-street parking and the other is on-street parking. Off street parking is common in big shopping malls and theatres and huge offices which are used by employees & customers, on the other hand on-street parking is traffic problem causing as the parking is directly controlled by market forces, with individual parking and hence has high demand and is considered as public property.

A cloud based erp to included with Variable messaging display, boom barriers, parking ticket counters and mobile applications to allow citizens to find the available parking instantly.

  • Increase in Government Revenue
  • Mobile application for Citizens
  • Insant tracking vehicle and find available parking
  • Approvals, Workflows, Notifications, Alerts