AJEEVI-ICT Smart Waste Management System

Smart Waste Management using IOT

Cloud based ERP + Mobile App + IOT + UHFID + RFID + Sensors

Smart Waste Management using IOT

Current waste collection logistics is carried out by emptying containers according to predefined schedules and routes which are repeated at a set frequency. The current waste collection system has much inefficiency: Time consuming. Trucks go and empty containers whether they are full or not. High costs. Greater traffic flow and congestion. Unnecessary fuel consumption. Increased noise and air pollution as a result of more trucks on the road. Public Administrations and Urban Service Managers want to optimise the management of this service to reduce infrastructure, operating and maintenance costs, as well as reduce contamination directly associated with waste collection.

A single citizen window mobile and web application is created, to cater all the services instantly to citizens enabling tracking and monitoring the activities in real time.

  • Increase in Government Revenue
  • Mobile application for Citizens
  • Insant tracking life history of Various Services offered to citizens
  • Approvals, Workflows, Notifications, Alerts