AJEEVI-Smart Bus Fleet Tracking

Cloud based ERP + Mobile App + IOT + Sensors + GPS/GSM

Public transport depots in India and all states number 29. The PTD can provide all essential details and functioning of the depot management system that can collate to further. In India and 29 states these PTDs are majorly in need of the best software products and speedy services. Providing information on routes, ticketing, travel destinations, different travel and standard packages is inherent in the profile.

Cloud based ERP, mobile and web application is created, to manage Employees, Operations, Maintenance, Store, Warehouse, Finance department of Bus depots. That allows to track and monitor the FLEET in real time.

  • Increase in Depot/State Govt. Revenue
  • Mobile application for Drivers
  • Insant tracking of Fleet using GPS/GPRS Device
  • Approvals, Workflows, Notifications, Alerts, Reports